VMC Announces Wellness Center

VMC now offers The Wellness Center, a program designed just for Medicare patients to help ensure that they receive their free annual preventative care visits.

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Find a Provider

VMC is proud to offer the services of over 50 providers, working together to help you Be Well. Whether you need care for your child, your feet, your asthma, your heart or just need a check-up, VMC’s providers are here to help.


New patients may call Patient Coordinator Brittney Buckmaster at 738-7528 to learn about insurances accepted and other preliminary information.

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Convenient prescriptions!

VMC is pleased to offer Boyd’s Pharmacy, right here in the clinic. The next time you see your doctor and have a new or refill prescription, have the order sent to Boyd’s for convenient pick-up.

VMC job openings

Join the VMC team! VMC’s service area covers 2 counties - 500K+ patient lives and is affiliated with Kaweah Delta Medical Foundation.


Careers with VMC

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Going Less and
Living More

A new procedure addresses common prostate problem.

A 15-minute procedure under light sedation
is restoring quality
of life to men living
with prostate issues.

An enlarged prostate, which commonly affects men in their 60s, causes frequent urination and, in particular, the need to urinate multiple times during the night. The
loss of sleep can cause a loss of productivity, depression and decreased quality
of life. The new procedure, known as “Urolift,” provides
more immediate improvement and
causes fewer complications than other options available, explained VMC urologist Marty Prah, MD.

“The Urololift is newly approved by the Food
and Drug Administration, but it has been in development and testing for several years, and

it has been proven to last at least five years,”
Dr. Prah explained.

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Why do I need to check my blood sugar daily?

Control is our goal!

Keeping track of blood sugars is not only
important for your health care team but
also for you as a patient. Blood sugars can
fluctuate without you knowing.
So, if we aren’t checking them daily, how do we know if our diabetes is progressing faster than normal?

Controlling daily blood sugars isn’t as easy
as it may seem. Blood sugars are affected by medications, dietary input, physical activity, illness, pain, traveling, stress, and day to day living. We are never 100 percent in control of all these activities. However, they are part of life that changes minute by minute.

We need to keep juggling all these aspects and keep them in balance by constantly paying
some attention to each of these areas.

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September is National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Forty percent of obese children will become obese adults, and with obesity comes hypertension, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke and depression, among other concerns,” says Dr. Kingsford. “The CDC’s numbers hold true here in Tulare County and, in some cases, our numbers are even worse.”

Overweight and obesity are also associated with increased risk for many types of cancer, bone and joint problems, sleep apnea, asthma, early onset of puberty, social and psychological problems, learning problems and poor self-esteem.


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If you have concerns regarding childhood obesity follow up with one of VMC’s pediatricians and
take the first step to giving your child a better
and healthier life.



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Healthy alternatives for diabetics

Basic Crustless Pumpkin Pie





Diabetes expertise

VMC is pleased to have a nationally certified Diabetes Educator available to help our patients understand and manage their diabetes. Learn more about Susan Smith, Ph.D., here.

FIND a Provider

VMC offers over 50 physicians in a wide variety of specialties. Let us help you find the physician who is right for you.

Fun Fitness


Walk with a Doc - 8-9 am Healthy Visalia Committee holds its "Just Walk" program at Riverway Sports Park, 3611 N. Dinuba Blvd. Every 2nd Saturday of the month through
December. Click here

Lifestyle Center Walking Program

Location: Visalia
Mall-Food Court
When: Mon. through Fri.

Time: 9:00 a.m.
Cost: FREE


    Get It Checked
    A schedule of check-ups and age-approriate screenings for men and women.

Kathryn Hall, MD Lance Toomoka, MD Michael S. Nagatani, MD Ralph P Kingsford, MD Kirk Coverston, MD Ramon A Galindo, MD